Frosty Morning Photos

Just a few pics from our backyard on a frosty morning.

Frosty Fotos - Durango
Suzy and Twlight Peaks

The Ghost Trail

The Ghost Trail to Potato Lake (aka Spud Lake) only appears in the winter thanks to Seniors Outdoors and some dedicated residents who maintain the trail. To get there drive north on Highway 550, past Durango Mountain Resort. A few miles past the resort you will see a big green water tank on the right-hand side of the road. About 100 yards after that is a pull-out on the right. Just park there, put on your snowshoes and head out. Depending on the conditions the trip can take anywhere from one to two hours, one way. More if the trail hasn’t been broken since the last snow storm. Continue reading The Ghost Trail

La Plata River

Fresh Tracks

As a child growing up in Independence, IA, I was an early riser. I remember winter mornings, sitting in our TV room under a pile of blankets or clean clothes waiting to be folded, listening to cartoons while looking out at the fields of freshly fallen snow. We had an open lot right next to our house and catty-corner across the street was a city park. The lot was empty except for a couple of piles of top soil that were there for some unknown reason. In the summer they served as ramps for our bicycles. The park contained some of the usual things: pavilions, swing set, metal slide, etc. But it also had a baseball field, some city buildings, and a large silver water tower with a red top and INDEPENDENCE painted on the side. Calling the open space in the park a “baseball field” may be an exaggeration. It was a backstop with patches of dirt that signified the bases and pitcher’s mound. The actual dimensions were somewhat subjective.

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View of the Needles from the Outpost Campground

The Road to Druid Arch

The Needles District of Canyonlands NP is our go-to place when we are looking for a desert experience. It is beautiful, close to home, and not as crowded as Moab, which has become a Mecca for bicyclists year-round. While the campground in the park often fills up during peak season, the close-by Needles Outpost usually has spots available and the view of the Needles from there is breathtaking.

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The main house

Taliesin West – Not Your Grandma’s House

Taliesin West is unlike any house I’ve ever seen. Of course, I’ve never seen another Frank Lloyd Wright house before so that would explain it. And, to be fair, Taliesin West isn’t just another Frank Lloyd Wright house.

First of all, the grounds are home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and School of Architecture so in addition to the house there is a gift shop, theater, classrooms, etc. Thus, it feels a little more like a compound than a home.

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