Elephant heads

Wild Flowers in the San Juan Mountains

When we moved to Durango in 2001 we didn’t know anything about wild flowers. We had done quite a bit of hiking in Maryland and Virginia before the move but the most wild flowers we had seen were planted by the DOT in the median strips along the highways. We did notice them and I guess you could say that we appreciated them, at 65 MPH, with the radio cranking, on our way to the beach or my parents house in Salisbury, MD. Continue reading

Rock overhang

The Kane Gulch Experience

Utah’s canyon country is rugged and beautiful. It can be inviting and a little scary. The views and history draw you in to discover what is hidden around the next bend. The lack of trails, signs, and distinctive landmarks can make hiking a challenge. Luckily Kane Gulch offers visitors a rustic hiking experience while making it fairly certain that you can’t get lost. Continue reading

View from Muley Point

The Moki what?

That’s what people usually say when you first try to explain the Moki Dugway. The Dugway is a short stretch of road on highway 261 that runs north from Mexican Hat to just about Natural Bridges National Monument in southeastern Utah. The Dugway is a road everyone should drive at least once in their lifetime. Well, everyone that doesn’t have height issues and most people on motorcycles.

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Lone cone

I didn’t know white was a fall color?

Suzy and I are not usually into driving just to site see. We would much rather earn our views with a good hike but this past weekend we made an exception. Our friend Bob, the llama guy, told us about a loop drive that takes you from Dolores, CO to Dunton Hot Springs , up to Groundhog Reservoir, and back to Dolores. Along the way you pass huge ponderosa pines, aspen groves, mountain peaks, large cattle ranches, and, in our case, herds of cattle walking down the road.

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The Mittens in Monument Valley

Roadtrip to Monument Valley

“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.”
Ansel Adams

Like most people, I’ve been a fan of Ansel Adams since I first saw one of his photographs. So, on a recent trip to Monument Valley I decided to see if I could mimic his style. While I’m happy with these images I don’t know if I stayed true to myself or Ansel Adams.

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